Roof Maintenance

Isn’t it funny that we service and maintain so many of our important possessions yet the majority of people don’t think to do maintenance on their number one investment and quite literally the roof over their heads?

That is until the rains come and a leak develops.

Valley irons and flashings are a number one source of leaking water. After all, they are there to plug a hole where roof tiles or sheeting couldn’t go.
Just like gutters if these are not kept clean and free of debris then they will begin to prematurely corrode and rust. It doesn’t take long before a hole develops and that running water is now running into your ceiling. Even the smallest of pin-prick holes can let in a lot of water!

The cost of replacing your valley irons or flashings is just a fraction of the cost of repairing the damage. Even with your home and contents insurance, the excess is often more than the cost of repair.

Our insurers are now starting to insist on a roof maintenance prior to any claim is processed and it won’t be long before if you can’t show your roof has been maintained then they will not honour your claim.
Read the fine print. Your insurer requires you to keep your home maintained!

Give Ace Roofing Repairs a call before those simple repairs and maintenance become a costly experience.